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Drop Three Presents: Step Out and Laugh 2016!

Drop Three Improv/Sketch Comedy

step out 2016For the 3rd year in a row Drop Three Sketch and Improv is putting our tax deductible donations where our glucose monitors are! That’s right, it’s time to raise funds for the American Diabetes Association, so join us Friday, September 9th & Saturday, September 10th at 8 PM at World of Beer – Baltimore for Step Out and Laugh, a weekend of shows to raise money for Step Out and Walk. Tickets are just $10 and all proceeds go to the ADA!

Every year the cast of Drop Three joins the ADA for Step Out and Walk and this year we’re teaming up with World of Beer Baltimore and Pop Culture Uncovered to have some laughs and raise funds for the cause! All proceeds from the tickets and a portion of the food and drink sales go straight to the ADA, so come on out and laugh at us for…

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CBS Diversified?

Pop Culture Uncovered

For those of you that follow along here at PCU, you know I’m a screenwriter trying like hell to break into TV. So, when I heard the new fall line-up at CBS, included shows like “Training Day” and a “MacGyver” reboot I was beyond upset. Why? Let’s examine three of the new main season openers (“Training Day” is a mid-season replacement.) and why they may lack the diversity that crowds are asking for. (And don’t place ALL the blame on the writer or the network, spread it around! The casting director is responsible in large part for who gets what roles and if the script isn’t specific, they chose whomever they bloody well feel like.)

MacGyver stars Lucas Till as the title character, Angus MacGyver and George Eads as Jack Dalton and it’s safe to say the former CSI star will be a series regular. Why did they choose to retell…

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sinbad and the pirate princess

Sinbad And The Pirate Princess Is Here!

Want some adventure in your life? A little mystery? Some action, pirates and princess?

Then check out my audio play “Sinbad and the Pirate Princess” being released on CD and iTunes on August 12th!

Starring Caroline Munro and Martine Beswick of Bond fame, Mark Redfield and me!

Pre-order here: http://www.poeforevermore.com/news-7-13-16-Sinbad-Pre-Order.html and share the excitement with your friends and family! Plus, if you pre-order a CD, you’ll receive a poster as well!

Join us on the high seas as Sinbad and the crew take on bloodthirsty pirates, evil queens and a dark mystery!

An audio-adventure in 4 chapters–
on CD and iTunes and other platforms.
Starring the voices of Caroline Munro, Martine Beswick and Mark Redfield.
And the voice talents of Mary Anne Perry, J.R. Lyston, Ron Burr, Eric Supensky, Belle Burr and Michael Butscher.
With the Music of Rimsky-Korsakov and Gustav Holst
Audio Engineers: Jay Chapin and Bill Dickson
Recorded at Studio Carlisle
Executive Producer Robert F. Sprowls
Associate Producers Johanna Supensky and Tami Hamalian
Sound Designer and Editor Jennifer Rouse
Written, Produced and Directed by Mark Redfield
a PoeForevermore Radio Theater production


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Movie Review: Ghostbusters

Should you see the new Ghostbusters?

Pop Culture Uncovered

Starring: Melissa McCarthy, Kristin Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, Chris Hemsworth, Neil Casey
Columbia Pictures
Opens July 15, 2016

Adam Says

Time for the moment of truth. Since the Ghostbusters reboot was announced, it’s been an internet war between misogynists who pre-hated the movie and anti-misogynists who pre-loved the movie to overcompensate for the people who were pre-hating it, with a crossfire of people who thought the movie looked like ass but felt like they couldn’t say so for being prejudged as misogynists. All the while, nobody was answering the question: how is this movie on the merits?

Ghostbusters (2016) is…competent. It’s not great and just doesn’t match the very specific charm of the original movie, but it’s not a failure either. Stylistically, it’s essentially a modern superhero film that mirrors much of the plot of the original movie, albeit with a genderswapped cast (though gender has no particular bearing on…

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I Grew Up With Bryan Cranston

Proof that no career starts too late or too small.

Pop Culture Uncovered

….and even though I didn’t realize it when I was younger, I’m glad I did. Everyone is hopping on the Cranston train, but he’s been around for a while now. It does make me sad that I didn’t realize just how much of a fan I’ve been of his work, but it’s only because Cranston is such a good actor.

Bryan Cranston’s casting as Zordon, in the upcoming Power Rangers reboot, is just giving me another excuse to see more of this actor in his natural habitat: in front of the camera. Cranston, also a screenwriter, director and producer, is best known for portraying Walter White on the AMC’s Breaking Bad  and Hal on Fox’s  Malcolm in the Middle.  He’s also played Tim Sacksky on CBS’ King of Queens and Dr. Tim Whatley on NBC’s Seinfeld.

Cranston has won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series four times. This is the second time…

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